Saturday, June 28, 2008

PPC and Affiliate Marketing Strategies

It has always been a very interesting trend of today's many online businesses to be employing PPC. PPC has always been there since and it has always been a very dependable process to go through for a business. It is worth it and it is going to be the best in the traffic trends and also an uncontested process that indeed gives edge over the competition when a business uses it.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Using a Proxy Site for an E-Bay or an Amazon Site

Using a proxy site has never been one of my to look in to at any time. I just learned today that there is someone there who is doing it but for whatever reason, of course he knows it for himself. I didn't really understand much about how to use proxy sites to generate traffic or at least links leading to a site.

Some I know of use proxy sites for myspace and other stuff. Up to this day, I didn't really get how they can be used and utilized to the max for anything to gain other than they are not intended for the human eye at all. Well, if this is another traffic generating scheme, I ought to understand all about it in the later months to come because right now I am very busy with strict traffic generation schemes I know for my websites and client sites in link building.

Traffic trends and niche marketing
indeed has dramatically changed these past few days and I'd like to take a part of the pie when the need arises so I got to be not later than today the next month in trying to understand all about it.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Traffic Trends, Changing with the Busby SEO Challenge Contest 2008

I have seen how traffic trends changed through time because of SEO contests and one of those contests that painted those traffic trends and changes is the "Internet Business Review". Indeed, it has been quote some time now since the best of the best in the webmaster arena did this treatment to the search engines, influencing the traffic and the results primarily in order to gain rankings in the results.

Even if the keywords used in these contests are really not much of an interest to the internet savvy, still it greatly doing and making some important teachings to other people in the SEO industry. One of which are the newcomers or the newbies as they are called. Today, however, everything has changed dramatically with such contests. The new ones are making a name for themselves even if they literally and technically seem to have no chance at all in getting the top spot.

Our team, composed of newbies who joined the Busby SEO Challenge worldcup SEO contest are eager to win this one. This is our chance to let the others see the strength of our entry, a 4-year old domain that has the power to be on the top.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Using Google Bookmarks for CTR Increase

I noticed today that while signed in on my Google Accounts and browsing over at Google search for some information, that a website I have been writing down a few related search terms have a different look. My website which is a blog upon finding in the results page displays a different extra highlighted terms and keywords below the listing.

The keywords are clickable links and upon clicking each of them, it led me to my Google Bookmarks where the site I found in the results is also listed and tagged with the same keywords that I found below the search results. The details became clear to me that it is all about the Google Bookmarks which allows you to bookmark some of the most important finds that you stumble along your search. These contains the websites that you liked and want to get back to and upon bookmarking these websites, they appear in your own account in the part of the bookmarks.

I also found out that these bookmarks are responsible for making your site which appear in the results have a different look and this gives a little bit clearer view of what the users can find when they click on your website. This can also give the user who finds your website listing a clue that the tags will lead you to when you click on them.

For me this is a very good way of informing the users that what you have are actually good and better usability of the search results, making the user click more on your website especially if it is really discussing the tags that appear withing the search results. This is additional quality traffic in the part of the website owner and enables him/her to get more of the share of quality traffic from organic search results and upon internet users finding your site listed in the top page. This I bet is one of the great features of the Google search future.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Traffic Trends via Social Networking Sites

Traffic trends and how to get traffic has changed dramatically in the past 2 years. In the early times of the search marketing era, it has been different with e-mail marketing that works but that was before. Today, however, it was the social networking sites that has brought webmasters and search engine marketers the best results with traffic issues.

As the trends change, so does the human behavior on using the internet, today, literally millions of people using the internet cater to offers and invitations of social networking sites and sign up in their profile. this is something really different for the internet user population. It has also put the future of search both in marketing and in the organic aspects into a different course in history. This is what it has been in the opening of this year, 2008 and I hope that more user pointed changes will be implemented as the future of search in those 2 aspects change for the better and for the internet users and not just for the webmasters or the search marketing gurus out there.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Traffic Trends are Changing Because of Social Media Intervention

Social media use has become widespread and even if there are only a few percentage believed to be using social media for traffic in their websites, it is still one of the biggest tool for use in implementing traffic schemes and sources. This is what is has been lately as the biggest search engine Google started to favor the lords of the rings of social media websites.

They have affected the everyday lives of not only web masters in the world but also of all the other search engine algorithms and traffic sending natural and organic character as a source.

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