Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Traffic Via Blog Reviews

I know that links can be had with blog reviews and I know for one that they also offer traffic. But what interests me is how much traffic can these types of traffic trend offer?

Ok, now since asked a few friends about this matter, I'd like to share his experience with blog reviews. There is this blogger who had a profile in a prestigious get paid for blogging site and he was liked by my friend. So my friend chose him to review his business website and then what my friend does not know is that that blogger aside from just blogging about his clients also take the time to promote the posts or reviews that he makes.

So what happens it seems is that this blogger promotes the posts he makes by submitting his post to social bookmarking sites and since we know that the only links that you can find in any blog review is only pointed to the website that that same post is paid for, what happens is that my friend received a bulk quality traffic through that blog review.

Well, of course that was very rare and we all know that but if it worked for the blog review and the site that it points a link to, then why don't we do it ourselves so to lessen the cost on paying for the blog review and getting full control of what to post in the social bookmarking sites. Now ain't that a great way to generate traffic through niche marketing?

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