Monday, July 7, 2008

Traffic Using Social Media Sites

Traffic using social media sites has never been better because of the millions of people from all over the world joining almost endlessly everyday and trying to see and meet other people from other parts of other countries. In the Philippines, for example, it has never felt so good trying to market in these social media sites because this is where you can mix pleasure, fun and work.

With the use of social media sites, you don't just get traffic and earnings, but you also get at least 25 % of the traffic of the world to people who are directly interested in what you do and what you sell sometimes. This is a great way of doing it and what best is that this can dramatically give you leverage over your competition especially if what you have is an e-commerce site that sell a high end and high demand product for your earnings.

Traffic and fun with how you can get it can really be sometimes easy especially with the multiple social media sites that are already present in the whole world. With it, you will also never run out of places to sell or earn.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Paid Survey Link Building

This is how traffic goes with respect to blogs and blogging. I would to post today the different links that we were able to get from the different link directory owners who have been kind enough to post approve out directory submissions in the past week. So this post is to thank them and give a link back in return for each of their effort to help us appear in their directory index.
Again, I would like to thank the corresponding link directory owners who gave their time to approve what we have submitted to them. This link posting is a form of our way to thank you all for giving us the chance to appear in your index and be part of your listings.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Using Hubs to Get Traffic and Visitors in Diverse Combination

Getting traffic, especially organic can be sometimes very frustrating. Some would just rely to visitors who come from PPC campaigns especially if it's an e-commerce site that is being talked about. This is something that can be so very hard to get because traffic is first and foremost not free except if you have a good SEO and SEM person to handle your site campaign.

As an important change in the way that Google allows traffic to get in your sites, there is a new way to do just that and what's best is that this new method really works in gaining useful and organic traffic to your sites the natural way. Those that would have an interest in your site as it appears you would gain higher possibilities in converting into a customer. After all, this is what traffic is all about, conversion and the percentage that you will get out of those organic traffic that you drive into your site/s.

Hub pages play an important role in gaining the perfect traffic that you client or your site needs because it is where you can post direct inner pages from a website. This is return can drive the perfect traffic that you need without having to lead them to the inner pages. Another great feature of these Hub Pages is that they literally and naturally have better chances in ranking in the target results. This is a new traffic trends and this is what it will be probably in the next few years.

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