Saturday, September 20, 2008

Traffic Trends with SEO Contest

SEO contests are in these days and they have become a prime source for launching or introducing a product or for getting traffic leads. Today, I read about the announcement of the newest SEO contest in the Philippines branded as the "promotional items corporate gifts srednarb" SEO contest. This SEO contest is probably a big banger and a year ender this year as all participants allowed come from the Philippines.

This is one good example of traffic trends and getting traffic leads for any business today and I know that this will be a successful branding for the organizer as well as for Branders.Com which is the main sponsor of the said traffic trend SEO contest. The keyphrase "promotional items corporate gifts srednarb" hopes to be an eye catching for the competitors of the said sponsor on corporate gifts and promotional items online center. Good luck to all the participants.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Gaining Traffic Insights Using SEO Contests

Today I learned a lot about SEO contests as I am using them all now to gain some traffic insights and how the participants behave using the search engine results pages. This is really a rewarding aspect in terms of traffic analysis and implementation of short conclusion about what is happening in the web today with respect to the generation of traffic to a website.

Indeed there is more than just learning all about traffic and traffic generation using all sorts of marketing methods that you know about search engines and SEO and SEM. This time it's a little bit different as I learn more on the bright side of traffic generation with the use of monitoring what is in like launching a SEO contest - Captivating Capiz.

The captivating Capiz contest is one in the Philippines that I am looking up to and trying to see if there is something more than just what I see in the results. Here, I get to learn more about where to get links from using the results on the said event contest. This is another way to see through easily where the guys in a contest like the captivating Capiz contest is getting their links from.

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