Saturday, February 7, 2009

Using New Movies for Traffic

Did you know that one of the best ways to get traffic is if you get to feature first the new movies available out there? Allow me to share this experience to all of you who just might find this post about traffic trends and increasing you visits and traffic by targeting a feature of what is the latest. This time, we go to movies.

Did you know that whatever online business you have you may actually get traffic just by simple featuring the latest movies of today. for example, a few friends from in here in the Philippines are in to general blogging and since there is practically no limit as to what to blog, they tried to enter the arena and battle of getting to feature first some of the new movies out there and what they get to the top of the results, like in the case of the Twilight Movie, they increased their traffic tremendously.

I mean big numbers here and not just some sudden 1 day traffic. Did you know that that friend of mine even had enormous traffic upsurge for more than 3 months just having to be on top of the results in the new movie Twilight.

Now, here is the trick, what I did is to go test drive this new traffic trend using a feature of the newest movies in the industry. I decided to go local only so it would be easier to test this new method. You know what happened? I tried for one just the latest here in the Philippines which is the Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Season 3 Audition. It worked! True, the traffic indeed is very high with movies the only problem you have is how to divert that traffic trend into your business whatever that is.

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