Friday, July 24, 2009

Traffic in Movies and TV Series

How do you convert for a high traffic tv series when you have a niche to get in to? Well, first off, I would like to share an experience in this specifically with Boys Over Flowers TV Series. Kids, especially teenagers love to watch the episodes so what I did was to film all 25 episodes and had it available for a test site with the domain well targeted to reach a prospect audience.

In no time, there is it on top over the competition of the hot keyword which is Boys Over Flowers which later on I learned is also being viewed simultaneously in other Asian countries. I was lucky because I had the edge over the others as I use videos.

What I learned from niche marketing today using movies or tv series is that they should always come with something to entice the viewers to visit again and again and expect more each day. They'll come and they'll even thank you for featuring the videos. You have to make sure though that you will continually supply them with fresh content.

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